These are our main areas:

■ Project management
■ ADAS, Camera applications, image processing
■ HMI, Infotainment, Full graphic displays
■ ECU-Software development
■ Ethernet, CAN, LIN
■ AUTOSAR™, Green Hills Integrity™, RTOS
■ Cybersecurity, functional safety
■ Embedded Vision with uniEDGEvision
■ V2X

Our services

Trust and passion.

Beyond borders.

In close cooperation and with great enthusiasm, we develop innovative and unique solutions that set international standards.

This is what our customers and partners say.

  • „Unicontrol is a long-standing and reliable development partner of CES, who always supports us with flexible solutions and professional competence.”
  • „Unicontrol colleagues support our team with flexibility and a structured way of working.”
    Uwe Lohs, IAV GmbH
  • „Unicontrol has been a competent and reliable partner for Preh software development for many years. In addition to the professional and personal competence, what I appreciate about the Unicontrol employees is that they are optimally adjusted to the requirements of the automotive industry and thus integrate seamlessly into our project teams.”
    Dr. Martin Ernst, Preh GmbH
  • „ I personally enjoy working with Unicontrol. In particular, the striving for excellent results, the reliability, as well as the individual design options in the project work have made Unicontrol a strong partner for us. The employees have a great deal of embedded and automotive expertise and can adapt very flexibly to changing requirements.”
    Andreas Gräff, Continental AG

System development

We gladly support you in system development, with partners supplementing our competencies

    • Project management and bundling of the trades
    • Electronics development up to series production
    • App-development
    • Test bench development, e.g. for transmission control unit
    • Demonstrators and prototypes, e.g. head-up display

Interfaces & communication

Communication plays a decisive role in development work, as control units communicate with one another and have interfaces to the driver

    • CAN
    • Ethernet
    • LIN
    • MOST
    • Serial interfaces MODBUS, RS485, RS232, SPI, I²C
    • Developmenttoolchain with CANoe with CAN | LIN I MOST I Ethernet & Communication protocols available
    • Logic Analyzer

Operating systems

The operating system as the interface between hardware and application forms the foundation of every software development

    • AUTOSAR™
      BSW, RTE, CDD, Application
    • Driver development
    • Green Hills Integrity™
    • RTOS
    • Linux
    • Windows

Safety & Security

The safety of products requires the company's own quality promise and homologation. Our expertise is located in the following areas

    • functional safety to ISO 26262:
    • Comprehensive knowledge from training courses and projects; Integration of Safety-Libraries
      Model-based software development with MATLAB/Simulink
    • Cybersecurity: Encryption of communication; Over-the-Air-Update


The communication of a vehicle to the infrastructure, to other vehicles and road users, but also to the driver, is becoming increasingly important

    • Over-The-Air-Updates to introduce new vehicle functions or critical security updates after delivery
    • Comfort functions and personalization via Bluetooth and WiFi
    • Monitoring the charging process

Design & test

The software development is always accompanied by a requirements analysis, the development of the architecture and finally the test against the requirements

    • Requirements Management with DOORS
    • Architecture: Enterprise Architect, Together Architect, Rhapsody
    • Test: Google Robot Test, Tessy, proprietary Tools
    • Change Management with JIRA
    • Version Management with git and Subversion

Project management & process models

From a one-person job to a complex development job, the efficient use of resources and the clear pursuit of goals are decisive for success. We are building on the following approaches

    • V-Modell
    • Agile development methods
    • SCRUM: SCRUM-Master tested according to Certified ScrumMaster®
    • Automotive SPICE®: Our developers have extensive knowledge and project experience with Automotive SPICE®

Graphics & camera applications

Unicontrol has grown with the classic instrument cluster. As early as the early 2000s, this was expanded to include competencies for fully graphic displays and cameras

    • Application developments from pointer to tank
    • Expansion of graphic libraries
    • Integration of open source graphics libraries in a security-relevant context
    • Animation development
    • HMI-development
    • Integration of camera data
    • Livestream transmission

Embedded Vision with uniEDGEvision

By transferring AI to embedded systems, it becomes possible to evaluate video data directly at the camera and to utilize information immediately on site. This means your data stays with you and the evaluation is available in real time

    • Use for customizable monitoring e.g.
      Quality control
      Visual inspection
      Authentic counting
    • Embedded vision platform provides the powerful basis
    • AI algorithms adapted to the task at hand
    • Resource efficient and powerful