Thursday, 13.04.2023

Company Breakfast

A good tradition continues.



Company Breakfast

Since December we have been meeting again on the first Monday of every new month for our joint company breakfast. Even before Corona this meeting was very well received and gladly used as an opportunity for a relaxed exchange with colleagues.

For a colourful variety and large selection, each employee brings a component (rolls, jam, butter, eggs, etc.) for the breakfast offering, which he or she has previously selected from our breakfast list.

The supply of fresh coffee is also ensured by our fully automatic coffee machine with its large variety of types.

We also like to take the opportunity of the numerous attendees to inform them about current topics at Unicontrol after the company breakfast.

In December for example, we organised a "Scrap Secret Santa" in addition to the distribution of Christmas presents, and in February one of our working students gave a presentation on the topic of "Synthetic Training Data for Machine Learning" and some of his results at the end of his internship.

We are already looking forward to the next first Monday and we will be very hungry.😊